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Deaerators use low pressure steam to heat boiler make-up water and condensate return in order to drive-off dissolved oxygen, CO2 and other corrosive gases. To do this, they must vent to atmosphere. Too much venting wastes energy, not enough venting prevents the release of the gases. Often the gate valve in the vent line has been drilled with a precise orifice hole to assure a minimal amount of venting.
Energy Management Options
* Monitor boiler water oxygen content to assure proper deaerator function; do not use any more steam than is necessary to drive off the O2.

* Use an economizer to pre-heat boiler make-up water to reduce the load on the deaerator heater.

* Return as much condensate at as high of a temperature as possible in order to reduce the amount of fresh water make-up and to reduce the heating load on the deaerator
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