Cleaver-Brooks Hawk
Hawk ICS

The CB Hawk ICS is a totally integrated control system embodying precise boiler/burner management control and safety with logic based ancillary devices and functions. The result is a coordinated system which maximizes efficiency, reduces operating costs, and increases productivity; delivering critical real time and historic information with the touch of a screen! Using today’s state of the art technology, the CB Hawk ICS soars to a new level, combining a highly powered high speed processor with sophisticated inter-communication protocol ("Ethernet/IP") for controlling and monitoring all of the important boiler system operating and safety functions in one synergistic, expandable package.

Key features and functions in base package:

- Integrated burner management control from pre-purge to post-purge.
- Flame scanning and amplifying. Processing inputs from solid state sensors measuring pressure and/or temperature.
- Firing rate control
- Thermal shock protection
- Night/day setback
- Outdoor reset
- Remote setpoint
- Lead/lag control for multiple boilers (option)
- Variable Speed Drive (VSD) capability for combustion air and/or boiler feed pump(s)
- Auxiliary inputs available for monitoring boiler related devices and conditions.
- Human machine Interface (HMI) for setting operating conditions and accessing all operating parameters and alarm history. All this with the touch of a screen!
- Local electronic communication

Monitoring Capabilities Include:

- Operating parameters, faults and selected I/O's
- Stack temperature
- Combustion air temperature
- Combustion fan RPM
- Combustion air pressure
- Efficiency
- O2
- Steam pressure and flow
- Water temperature
- Fuel flow
- Water level
- Firing rate
- Faults and fault history

Optional Features and functions include:

- Parallel control of fuel and air using motor actuator drives; minimizing linkages.
- Water level monitoring and alarming
- O2 monitoring and/or trimming
- Ethernet and internet communication
- E-mailing, paging and on-line trouble shooting
- Building management system interfacing
- Backlit touch screen (optional)


The basis of design called for use of a microprocessor based control system which embraced six (6) important design criteria: Simplicity, Safety, Security, Dependability, Adaptability and Environment. The result is the revolutionary C-B Level Master low water cutoff and pump control using the proven magnetostrictive technology (used for many years in various industries for measuring level and distance relationships) in conjunction with a solid state sensor and microprocessor based controller.


* Magnetostrictive technology eliminating levers and switches
* Non contact and non wearing titanium float
* User friendly controller with easy to read parameters/alarms
* Uses single phase power to a central connection point
* Controller uses plug-in connectors for easy exchange
* Can be used for on/off pump operation or modulating fee


Column blowdown reminders and message it’s been done properly or improperly
System allows for checking the auxiliary low water cutoff and its proper operation
Float movement is constantly checked; stuck float shuts boiler down
Electrics and microprocessor circuits checked several times per second for continuity and performance
Low water shutdown and alarming
High and low water warnings
Alarm and blowdown history logging with time and date stamps


Password protected regarding level settings and alarm and blowdown history files
On going level indication; easy to see and read exactly


Alarm and blowdown history logging
Blowdown reminders
Constant checking of electrics/electronics
Remote communication access (RS-232)


Direct replacement and retrofittable to all makes of boilers
On/off or modulating boiler feed control with same unit


C-B Level Master eliminates the mercury!
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